It’s no doubt that tourism in Da Nang is developing day by day. Da Nang is today considered the place that has many super beautiful beaches, romantic Han river, monumental bridges, delicious food, where you can see the earliest sunrise in Vietnam,…All make Da Nang a modern but also very simple place for traveling. Here are 45 reasons that will make you crazy in love with Da Nang.

1. A feeling of “Ha Noi in Da Nang”

While travelling in Da Nang, you can easily meet your acquaintances, your cousin, your friends, or your ex here, which make you think that this is Ha Noi. You wonder why? The answer is very simple. In recent years, Da Nang has developed rapidly with a lot of famous buildings, works,.. that attract more and more tourists from everywhere, especially the youth in Ha Noi. Whenever they come here, Da Nang atmosphere always makes them feel comfortable and satisfied. Therefore, that’s a big reason for many people want to come here again and again. Da Nang is considered the number 1 city that attracts people to come back after visiting.

Dn mot som mai

2. The Da Nang people are always proud of their city “Da Nang – my city”

If the Hanoi people love the antiqueness and the traditional lifestyle of their city, and the Saigon people love their city’s sleepless nights and nonstop lighting buildings, the Da Nang people love their food, their local government, their beautiful coastal city.

They are proud of everything they have, from the local food to the culture. Together with their proud, they always want to improve their hometown. This is an extremely valuable love for their city.

Furthermore, Da Nang people are also proud of many other things that make their city a gentle, lovely and hospitable Da Nang. Here are the rest 43 things:

3. Long Coffee

Long Coffee is a “sidewalk coffee” – the oldest and extremely popular one in Da Nang. Built in 1980, Long coffee has been associated with the residents’ lives here. It opens at 4am to serve the customers working very early in the morning, closes between 18h00-20h00 seasonally. Although its view is not quite special with the simple low wooden tables and chairs, it’s always crowded with guests, whether it rains or not.


4. A Beautiful coastal road linking Da Nang and Hoi An

This coastal road passing numerous beautiful luxury resorts makes the distance of 30km from Da Nang to Hoi An ancient town become ever closer. Additionally, the view of two sides of the road is so nice. You should rent motorcycles if you would like to enjoy the sea-breeze and sunshine just in the style of the Central area.

5. The “Feature” of “wedding photos with pigeons”

In the last 2-3 years, taking wedding photos with pigeons in Da Nang has created a special mark for wedding photography here. At weekends, there are dozens of couple of bride and groom from everywhere coming here for posing photos with this “feature”. Furthermore, the picturesque view of the sea behind these pigeons creates a spectacular backdrop like the beauty of the photos taken in the Western countries we often gaze at passionately.


6. Sitting at the pubs alongside the Han River

To meet the needs of young people and keep pace with the development of tourism, a series of small pubs have built and run from early evening until 2-3am. Although the pub is ubiquitous in Vietnam, the special feature of pubs in Da Nang is the view of the beautiful river at night in front, both lively and silent. One side is the bustling music, the other is the quiet and immense river. All of these create unforgettable memories for those who has experienced them.

7. Drinking coconut water and watching the beauty of the Han River

At night, the sidewalk along the Han River are always crowded with people, from the youth, middle-aged people to the couples. They come here to take fresh air, to stroll along the river, to play or just simply to drink fresh sweet coconut juice and get the feeling of the wind from the Han River.

8. Bathing in the sea in the morning

As a daily routine of the residents here, the daily bathing in the sea is not only a form of entertainment but also an exercise of enhancing physical fitness. Besides, going jogging, plaingy sports and playing with sand on the beach are pleasures that no one want to miss them.


9. The March 29 Park

As the largest park located in the city center, the March 29 Park is the place where people focus on entertainment, cultural activities and sports all year. Especially in the springtime, fairs or art exhibitions are often held here.

10. Bach Dang Street

Bach Dang is the “heartbeat road” of Da Nang beach city. This road is also classified as the most beautiful street of Da Nang up to now.


11. The sea is in front, the mountain is behind

Da Nang is the only luckiest city in Viet Nam that is favored by the Nature when there are both sea and mountains located close together. Therefore, Da Nang has numerous beautiful destinations with spectacular and charming sceneries.


12. Ba Na Hills


Ba Na Hills is considered as “Da Lat city” in the Central. Only 25km from Da Nang, the weather here is cold the whole year. On cloudy days, the whole of Ba Na is misty and covered by white. Coming here, the fact that you stroll beside the clouds is an extremely normal thing.


13. Sitting in the cable cars when traveling in Da Nang

Danang owns the longest non-stop and the highest non-stop cable car in the world – Ba Na cable car. If you would like to visit Ba Na Hills, this is the only way to reach it. The cable car system will run from the foot of the Ba Na Mountain to the peak of the neighbouring Vong Nguyet Mountain in the Ba Na – Suoi Mo Tourism Area, about 40 kilometers west of Da Nang City.

The 5,042 meter (16,545 ft) cable car ride will take approximately 15.05 minutes, reaching a vertical rise of 1291.81 meters (4,239 ft) above sea level, which is able to transport 1,500 passengers per hour.

13 (2)

14. Seen Danang from above

In recently years, Da Nang has been developed with dizzying speed. It’s not difficult to see that clear change from a view on a plane or high buildings.

Maybe watching any cities from above is almost the same, but Da Nang from above is more beautiful thanks to the deep blue sea like a pearl, and the charming Han River squeezing through the city as a harmonious point.


15. Con market

In the past years, several supermarkets, commercial centers,… have been built in the city. However, Con Market always maintains its busy atmosphere. Trading activities in this market are still bustling everyday as the pace of the residents from the past to present.


16. International Fireworks Competitions.

This is an international fireworks display which is first held in Vietnam, by the People’s Committee of Da Nang city. Starting in 2008, for more than 7 years, the international fireworks competition has gradually become a feature of Da Nang. This is an opportunity for tourists from all over the country and the world flocked to, which contributes to the increase of tourism services for Da Nang.


17. Watching the “super bridges”: the Han River Bridge, the Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, the Tran Thi Ly Bridge at night

The bridges in Da Nang are highly appreciated by their beauty as well as their investment and the ideas, therefore, many people have said that “Da Nang city is the place of the super bridges in Vietnam”. Typically, the Dragon Bridge can breathe fire and water, the Han River Bridge can be rotated 90 degrees. Visiting Da Nang without contemplating these bridges is really a shortcoming.


18. The International Marathon

Danang International Marathon is a large-scale cultural sporting event attracting a lot of athletes, local and foreign tourists and the people of Da Nang to join over the past 2 years.


19. Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda- Bai But (Buddha’s land) is the biggest, newest and most beautiful pagoda of the three famous Linh Ung Pagodas in Da Nang. The two rest pagodas are: Linh Ung Pagoda at Marble Mountain and Linh Ung Pagoda at Ba Na Hill. At Linh Ung pagoda – Bai But, there is a statue of GuanYin (Lady Buddha/ Goddess of Mercy) which is considered as the largest one in Southeast Asia. Most of people who travel to Da Nang want to visit and worship at least one time here.


20. Sun Wheel

Though Sun Wheel in Da Nang is just open recently, it has been extremely popular and attracted a lot of visitors. This is one of the 10 world’s tallest ferris wheel which was officially launched at Asia Park Da Nang in August 2014.


21. The Administrative Building of Da Nang city

Located at Tran Phu – Ly Tu Trong intersection, overlooking the charming Han River, Da Nang City Administration Center is the highlight of the city. Designed in a modern style with a 175.5- meter block consisting of 34 floors, 2 basements, a four-storey podium and a cylindrical tower, the building is the featured facility marking a new beginning of public administration services.


22. Humanitarian cancer hospital

In late October 2013, Da Nang Cancer Hospital was inaugurated and put into operation. The most important and interesting thing is that this hospital fully operates under charitable nature and non-profit mechanism. Also, it is the only one in Da Nang and even the first in Vietnam.


23. No beggars City

In the past few years, Da Nang began startup programs “Five no’s, three yes’s.” “Five no” – starving households, no illiterate people, no itinerant beggars, no drug-addicts in the community, and no murders for property in the city. “Three yes” – all local residents have their own houses, a stable job and a cultural lifestyle. At present, there are no longer beggars, homeless or underprivileged people in Da Nang.

24. Free wifi in the whole city

In the works since 2003, Da Nang’s free WIFI network has been officially launched after a successful year-long trial in October 2014. Alongside the purpose of serving locals and tourists, the municipal Wi-Fi system has also been used for environmental pollution supervision and alert, urban transport management, social order management and warning of natural disasters and dangers brought in by climate change.

25. Pork and vegetables wrapped in rice paper

One of the most special food in this coastal city is pork and vegetables wrapped in rice paper (local name: banh trang thit heo) which has made a particular impression on visitors. The name of the food has clearly states its main ingredients including pork, rice papers, vegetables and fish sauce. Such ingredients are available everywhere in Vietnam but what helps distinguish this kind of food from other ones is slice of pork with the fat meat lying at two sides of the lean one. Pork is boiled in medium fire so that it is not well done so soon and the pure color of its fat is retained. The hot fish sauce also contributes a better flavor to the food. Put a slice of pork and vegetable on the rice paper, then roll it and use with the fish sauce. Few steps above will help you enjoy the special food that can only be found in Da Nang.


26. SKY36 – the highest bar in Viet Nam

Located at rooftop of Novotel Premier Danang Han River, SKY36 is the highest sky bar in Vietnam – the most luxurious & extravagant entertainment experiences awaits in Danang, the most sought after nightlife, the hottest destination in city. It is extremely suitable for a panoramic view of Danang at night.


27. Da nang – where 4 sacred animals converge

The 4 sacred animals of the dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix were mythologized by the Vietnamese. In Da Nang, there are 4 locations considered as 4 sacred animals: Dragon is the Dragon Bridge, Unicorn is the Exhibition Hall, The Da Nang City Sports Stadium represents the Tortoise and finally, Phoenix is Tien Son Sports Complex.

28. Gaze Sunrise on Nghe Cape – Son Tra Peninsula

Located in the southeast of Son Tra Peninsula, Nghe Cape is the place where gets the first sunshine in the morning, coming here early and enjoying the fresh air in the morning will be a great feeling.


29. Go to the fish market in the early morning

Early in the morning around 3-4h, most fish markets in Da Nang are packed with people. It is very interesting for visitors to come here and experience the activities of the local market’s style, see how people bargain, sell and buy the freshest fish caught from Da Nang sea.


30. Da Nang Cathedral

Known to locals as Con Ga Church (Rooster Church) because of the weathercock on top of the steeple, the candy-pink Da Nang Cathedral was built for the city’s French residents in 1923. Today it serves a Catholic community of over 4000 – it has standing room only if you arrive late.


31. Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

The Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture is well-known for its extensive collection dating from the seventh to the fifteenth century.  It is a graceful building and an eclectic mix of French-colonial architecture and Cham elements set in picturesque surroundings by the Han river.

32. Try the specialties in the Central of Viet Nam

If you’re a foodie, cuisine plays an important role in your vacation. Trying all local specialties is a must do activity. In Da Nang, some food such as Banh beo (rice cake), banh xeo (pancake), Quang noodles….are local specialities that you should try.

33. Marble Mountain in Da Nang

Marble Mountains is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngu Hanh Son ward, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five ‘mountains’ are named after the five elements; Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). Today, one of the most popular highlights in Da Nang is climbing up the Marble Mountains and enjoying spectacular views across Non Nuoc, also known as China Beach.

34. Yummy Snacks of Da Nang

Crispy roasted girdle cake, mixed jackfruit cake, spicy shellfish are the snacks that you should definitely try at least once when visiting the city on the Han River.

Da Nang’s snacks food stalls are really crowded from 3pm till midnight. Regardless of the weather, the snacks are served year-round, the alleys become famous destinations for tourists.


35. Discover new beaches by yourselves

Da Nang’s stunning coastline is over 90km in total length, and stretches from the foot of the Hai Van Pass to the Marble Mountains, be sure that there are many beautiful beaches that few tourists know about. So why do not we try to discover a certain deserted beach to enjoy the taste of the sea in a very personal way?

36. Pham Hong Thai Food Street

A food area everyone knows is full of dishes from chicken rice, noodle dishes … to drinks such as sweetened porridge, coffee… Open from afternoon until night, Pham Hong Thai food area is very convenient for those who want to eat late at night or gather friends for enjoying the cuisines here.

37. Go fishing alongside Han river

Fishing in the Han River has been a leisurely activity that the people of Da Nang City have enjoyed for centuries. Today, it’s easy for you to find a few people sitting by the river, watching their bobbers and the ripples of the water, mainly middle-aged and elderly men.

38. Phan Chu Trinh Bread Street

Da Nang Bread is also a “very famous” food. There are many streets that sell bread, but the most significant one is probably Phan Chau Trinh street. It has dozens of shops selling famous bread that packed with tourists and locals.


39. Tran Ke Xuong Bun Mam Village

Most families on this street sell Bun Mam (Noodle salad with pork and anchovy fish sauce), which is not only originally regional dishes, but also popularizes which has made particular impression on many tourists once coming here. If you have an opportunity to visit Danang city, you should not forget to try these dishes.

40. Famous for coastal resorts

It’s not strange at all when people say Da Nang is one of the few city owning many the high-quality coastal resorts. Some names such as: Vinpearl Luxury, Pullman, Intercontinental,… Why do you need to go abroad just for staying in the resort whereas you simply travel to Da Nang and choose the best one here?


41. Thousand-year banyan tree

The over 1000-year-old banyan tree on Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula has been suggested for recognition as a national heritage tree. The tree is the only one in the city to be recognized by the Viet Nam Heritage Tree Council under the Viet Nam Association for the Conservation of Nature and the Environment (VACNE).  The tree measures 10m in circumference, and its 26 eye-catching rootlets are each 25m high.

42. Go trekking on the Hai Van Mountain Pass

If you love trekking and want to experience one of the most beautiful mountain pass in Vietnam, why not try to go trekking on the Hai Van Pass once? That would certainly be one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll ever enjoy when traveling in our country.

43. Take photos in the feather grass season

In Da Nang, there is a huge feather grass field located on Tho Quang Street. At the end of each Autumn, this place becomes an attractive destination for photographers. The youth, tourists and the locals, even photographers for wedding also gather here to take their beautiful pictures.


44. Hoa Trung hydroelectric Lake

You’ll be passionately fond of the spectacular beauty of Hoa Trung hydroelectric Lake, Da Nang.


45. A La Carte

45 (2)

A La Carte  is regarded as a “new symbol” and becomes the popular name this year. What makes the A La Carte special is Western-style architecture with the main paint is white; Designed in the shape of small apartments, extremely suitable for groups of friends, families; And the price is quite reasonable, especially the overflow pool with direct angle to the white sand beach. Wonderful!



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