Water fern cake- Banh Beo, a type of cake named of type of plant, which floats on the surface on the river, fond. Having noone want to catch it, they just glance at its movement along the current in peaceful afternoon, after a long day. Vietnamese says: Cheap as water fern cake because of that reason.

Vietnamese is so smart to make cakes from available material. It is likely to Water fern cake. Although it is simple ingredient, it can be more specific as the art of making, yet to many VietNamese it is actuaaly the art of enjoying water fern cakes.

banh beo

The secret of making the cakes is right proportion of rice and water to make sure that the cakes are not to dry or wet; the the right time of steaming. People beleive the cake have a hole between is the ready one.
The fish sauce is a crucial part make it more delicious. With proportion of 1tbsp of fish sauce , 3 tbsp of water and about 1 tbsp pf water and 1 tbsp of sugar. You can add chilli and garlic as your personal taste.

banhbeobeo11a banh beo - steamed rice cakes with shredded shrimp

- Rice milk
- Veetable oil
- 100g pork belly
- 200g shrimp
- Hot water and something to steam it
- Soak rice in water for 4-5 hours and millers into rice milk, add a little bit salt and cooking oil. Pour into small cup and put into plate and put into hot water for streaming.
- Water until see the deeper part in the between then take it out. We call the hole is a nice” dimple”. Repeat until finish the batter
- To make Quang-style topping, in a heated pan on medium high heat, add the pork belly and fry without any oil for 2-3 minutes. Some fat will melt into liquid form. Add minced shrimp and shrimp paste. Dilute 4-5 tbsp of the banh beo batter with 4-5 tbsp water and slowly add to the pan until you get a slightly thick consistency.
- To make the sauce: In a sauce pan cook the shrimp shells and simmer for 5 minutes. Extract the broth and discard the shells. Apply 1:1:5 ratio: 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp sugar, 5 tbsp shrimp broth. Crush fresh chili with a spoon and add to the fish sauce.
- To enjoy it, you pour sauce on the cake, and use bamboo folk or spoon to remove it from cup and separate into 4 parts and try.

Travelling through Viet Nam, you can catch up many versions of this one, such as: size difference, wet or dry sauce, the ingredient of sauce…In Hue, Water fern cake is smaller than other province because it was the capital of the last Vietnamese dynasty. As you know, King have lot of food to eat, so food is usually small, tasty. Or in Quang Nam, we have eat with wet sauce made from hopped shrimp, pork belly, wood ear mushroom. Everything is sauteed than adding water stirred well with tapioca flour. Thus the topping is mushy and is called ‘banh beo nhan uot’. ‘Nhan uot’ means mushy or watery topping. The topping shrimp is not finely ground so you still know that it’s made from fresh shrimp. It is called ‘banh beo nhan kho’. ‘Nhan kho’ means dry topping.

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