Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo is one of speciality in Da Nang. Its name has show the main material and the manner to eat it. At the first time enjoy it, almost of people think it is so easy to make it. Infact, it is not esay at all because how the dish delicious depend on the way you chose meat and vegetable.

Here is Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo or  Rice Paper Roll With Pork recipe:

banh tr (1)

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- 1 kg ham
- 200g wet rice paper
- Vegetable: salad, herbs, lettuce, bitter, acrid green banana, sprout, chilli, garlic, salt, seasoning powder, pineapple, mam nem…
- Wet and dry rice paper

- Sprout, lettuce, salad, herb, banana flower. You should put slices of acrid green banana into water with just a little bit salt or lemon juice immediately to prevent it from being dark. And after wash all the vegetable, you soak it in light salty water because of tapeworm.
- Boil ham with 1 tea spoon of salt and seasoning powder. Keep the water cover the suface of pork.
- After 10-13 mins, turn off the cooker, keep the lid closed. You should not overcook it because skin will not tough and not delicious.
- Wait the water become cooler and take the meat oour, cut into slices.
- Crush garlic, chilli and add to the “mam nem”.
- Add pineapple to fishsaue.
- To serve it, it put a piece of wet rice paper on dry rice paper, vergetable, then meat and roll it. Finally, you dip it into sauce and enjoy.

Useful Tips to make Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo or  Rice Paper Roll With Pork

Local people usually chose the ham and cut into light sliced. The special is how cut it with 3 parts alternately : meat, fat and skin. The food of pig play an important role on the quality of meat. Pig should be feed on bran and sweet potato to have sweet and particular smell meat.
Vegetable should be fresh salad, acrid green banana, herbs, lecttuce, bitter, sprout, cut spinach…to make the dish more flavour and prevent from fed up with quickly. The dish is usually wet and dry thin rice cake to make it easy to roll and get full.
The secret of the dish is the sauce. It makes from “ mam nem”, with chilli or ginger, and pineapple juice. All of them mix together to make a dish with Da Nang style.
Pork roll and almost Vietnamese food usully follow five basic elements : metal, wood, water, fire , earth. So in pork roll we can find: salt of sauce, sweet and sour of pineapple, spicy of chilli or ginger, and bitter of bitter in vegetable. Five colours: white of fat, yellow of meat, green of vegetable, red of chilli or tomato in vegetable, black of sauce…So all the factor have in one dish to balance and to make a nutrious and healthy food.

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