Da Nang has variety things that visitors usually want to share with your relatives or friends. It has four great bridges which are considered as four “misses” of the worth city. It will be your regret if you visit the city within any photos with Gragron bridge, or seeing movement of Han Bridge. Moreover, if you haven’t tried Bun Mam, it will be the most regret.

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Bun means noodle, but “bun mam” is so strange compare with others,don’t not to much sauce and have a strong smell with many simple ingredient like: pork, “mam”, noodle, pineapple and vegetable.
“Mam” in this dish is a type of fish sauce but it is used directly from sea fish after put in close tight jar at least 7-9 days for ready. The period of time is depend on climated. Unlike fish sauce which is boil and filter before used. Although we can use “mam nem” after 9 days directly, the cook usually add spices for more falvour. Beside adding spices, pinepapple juice is mixed to this one to creat particular smell. With a acceptable -10000 VND/bowl- it becomes a love food of teenagers and blue-worker, even officer…
Ingredients: serve 5
- 800 g noodle
- 250 roast pork or boiled pork
- 100 Grilled beef and 100 fermented pork roll
- 100g boiled young jackfruit
- 1 Cucumber
- Salad, herbd, picked papaya
- Mam nem, garlic, chilli, ¼ pineapple
- Spices and fried peanut
- Sprout, lettuce, salad, herb, banana flower. You should put slices of banana flower into water with just a little bit salt or lemon juice immediately to prevent it from being dark. And after wash all the vegetable, you soak it in light salty water because of tapeworm. Slice the cucumber into thin and round slice.
- Cut boiled jackfruit into small, thin pieces form 2-3 cm then mix with VietNamese mint.
- Crush pineapple, press the juice into “mam nem”, add garlic , chilli, sugar and taste it
- Slice pork
- Put the vegetable into the bowl first, then noodle, pork, fermented pork roll, young jackfruit, peanut , pour the “mam nem” and enjoy it.

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