Da Nang is one of the beautiful cities in Viet Nam. If you are looking for Da Nang destinations, here are some wonderful places that you should not miss out:

1. Han River Bridge

The Han River Bridge shimmering at night would make any sticky visitors attracted. It’s one the most famous  destinations in Da Nang . The Bridge was built on the main pintle of Bạch Đằng street, connect Hải Châu district and Sơn Trà distric. Every evening, it is shimmeringly outstands in the city. It became a symboy of Danang city.
At 0:30 every midnight, the middle part of the bridge spins an angle of 90 degrees around the pintle, along to the flow of the river to let the big ship pass and at 3:30 am, it returns to its position. Walking along river banks and waiting for the moment when the bridge spins are the interest of many local people and visitors as well, brings them emotions that’s hard to express. Some people say that not seeing the Han River Bridge spin means not coming Danang



2. Son Tra Peninsular

Sơn Trà is the name of the mushroom-shaped peninsular, belongs to Sơn Trà district, far from the center of Da Nang 10km to the North-east. Coming Sơn Trà, visitors can discover mountains and seas, experience from outdoor acticities such as discovering the old forest Sơn Trà, going to Mỹ Khê beach, going fishing with fishermen, diving see coral, visiting light-house Tiên Sa, Linh Ứng pagoda and seeing the whole view of the city from the top of Sơn Trà, going to Mũi Nghê to enjoy the first sunshine of Đà Nẵng……

sơn trà


3. Ngu Hanh Son

Far 7km from the center of Đa Nang, belonging to Hòa Hải Ward, Ngũ Hành Sơn District, near Marble Mountain, Ngũ Hành Sơn is 5 rocks (Kim <metal> rock, Mộc <wodd> rock, Thủy <water> rock, Hỏa <fire> rock and Thổ <earth> rock).Coming to Ngũ Hành Sơn, visitors often go to Thủy rock, Tam Thai pagoda, Huyền Không cave, Linh Nham cave, Vân Thông cave, Lăng Hư cave, Vân Nguyệt cave,…..At the foot of the mountain, there is a sculpting village Marble Mountain with artistic works sculpted by stone by local sculptors



4. Ba Na hills

A resort locating far from the center to the South-west about 40km. Bà Nà has great value of ecology and tourism, is a national natural preserving area. In Bà Nà, at the height 1489m from the sea level, visitors will enjoy 4 seasons in a day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening, and it’s very hasky thanks to not much rain. Passing over the high cable, from the top, visitors can see a vast space: sea, the city, the paddy green fields, …Right here, you shouldn’t miss  Da Nang destinations such as Linh Ứng pagoda with 27m high statue Đức Bổn Monk, Spring Waterfall (Suối Mơ) and Fairy Hair Waterfall (Tóc Tiên).

ba na1

5. Hai van pass

It is 20km long, locates between the boundary of Thừa Thiên Huế and Đa Nang. At the height almost 500m from the sea level, Hải Vân Pass is famous for the most beautiful and craggiest pass in Vietnam. From the top of Hải Vân Pass, impressive landscapes of coast of fatherland appear. It is Lăng Cô picturesque fishery village, , Đà Nẵng city beside the Hàn River, Sơn Trà top, white coast Non Nước,…. At present, althought there is Hải Vân Tunnel Pass, many visitors like to pass the craggy gorge to enjoy those picturesque landscapes

hai va3
The ancient village Tuy Loan

Far from the center of Đà Nẵng about 15km to the South-west, Túy Loan is an ancient village and over 500 years old. Over a century, the village has still remained the village temple Túy Loan and Bồ Bản under ancient banyans. When visiting here, visitors shouldn’t miss a chance to try the famous specialty of the village: rice paper.It’s so fascinating, isn’t it. The nice sea city is calling you, why to hesitate, so let take your backpack and come this city to let your soul flow in the sea, to enjoy beautiful landscapes and local foods here. If you have any questions, just contact at……. Let’s go because living is travelling

tuy loan


Besides Da nang destination, you should not miss out Da Nang Food. They are so amazing! Da Nang, in a way, is a place both so mediocre but special if you want to dig deeper than the surface.


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