Da Nang’s top 10 hallmark events and remarkable achievements.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang, the city’s top 10 hallmark events and remarkable achievements have been officially announced by the Viet Nam Book of Records and the Viet Nam Records Association.

1. Hai Van Tunnel – the longest road tunnel in Viet Nam

The Hai Van Tunnel became the longest road tunnel in the Southeast Asia region and one of the 30 largest and longest in the world when it officially opened to traffic on 5 June 2005.  The 12.047km-long tunnel allows vehicles to travel through at a maximum speed of 80 kph.


2. First-ever “5 No’s, 3 Yes’s” programme in Viet Nam

Over recent years, the city’s “5 No’s, 3 Yes’s” programme has created its own identity.  The city’s authorities have continued their efforts to reach the targets of no starving households, no illiterate people, no itinerant beggars, no drug-addicts in the community, and no murders for property in the city.  In addition, they have aimed to ensure that all local residents have their own houses, a stable job and a cultural lifestyle.


3. International fireworks competitions, the first of their kind held in Viet Nam

Since it was first held in 2008, the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition has become a popular event in Viet Nam, and perhaps in the world.  The event has attracted powerful competitors from Canada, China, France, Italy and many other countries.


4. First-ever non-profit cancer hospital in Viet Nam

Situated in Lien Chieu District’s Hoa Minh Ward, the Da Nang Cancer Hospital was officially opened on 19 January 2013.  The 500-bed hospital covers an area of 15ha and it cost over 1.500 trillion VND to build, with the funds raised from domestic and foreign individuals and organisations.  The hospital provides free medical check-ups and treatment for local poor patients.


5. Han River Swing Bridge – the most modern swing bridge in Viet Nam

Construction of the Han River Swing Bridge started on 2 September 1998 and it officially opened to traffic on 29 March 2000, marking the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang.  The bridge, the first of its kind in Viet Nam, is the first swing bridge designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers.


6. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – the longest suspension bridge in Viet Nam

The Thuan Phuoc Suspension Bridge across the mouth of the Han River linking Nguyen Tat Thanh Street with the Hoang Sa-Truong Sa route was inaugurated on 19 July 2009.  The 1,856m-long and 18m-wide bridge, with its 655m-long suspended main span, has 6 traffic lanes.


7. Rong (Dragon) Bridge – the longest steel bridge in Viet Nam

The Rong (Dragon) Bridge officially opened to traffic on 29 March 2013.  The bridge is designed to represent a dragon flying over the Han River.  The dragon’s head usually breathes fire and water at weekends, which draws crowds to watch.


8. Ba Na cable cars – the longest cable car system in the world

The Ba Na cable car system is considered as one of the city’s most attractive tourism products.

The 3rd cable car system, which was officially opened on 29 March 2013, has won 4 Guinness World Records.  These records are: the longest single-wire cable car system (5,771.61m), the highest difference between the departure and arrival terminals (1,368.93m), the longest continuous cable (11,587m), and the heaviest cable roll (141.24 tonnes).


9. Viet Nam’s tallest Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue at Linh Ung Pagoda

Located within the Linh Ung Pagoda on the Son Tra peninsula, the 67m-high statue is the tallest in Viet Nam and its height is equal to that of a 30-storey building.  Inside the statue there are 17 floors, each housing 21 tiny Buddha statues of differing shapes.


10. Sun Wheel – the highest observation wheel in Viet Nam

The 125m-high Sun Wheel is part of the Asia Park project on the southeastern side of Da Nang’s 2 September Peace Monument.  It is the largest observation wheel in Viet Nam, and one of the 10 highest in the world.


Source: baodanang.vn

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