Fish Cake Noodle- Bún Chả Cá is a famous in the centre of Viet Nam , but the most tasty is just find in Da Nang. The reason is that Da Nang is a coastal city. Therefore the materials are usually fresh fish: Tuna, flying, lizard, barracuda, catfish….That is one of the crucial factors make the Brand name Fish Cake Noodle- Bún Chả Cá. Here is detail progress to make Fish Cake Noodle- Bún Chả Cá:


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Ingredients: Serve 4

- 400 g catfish fillets
- 200 g speck
- Spring oinons
- Wheat four
- Chicken stock
- Salt
- Milled black pepper
- Sugar
- 2 chicken eggs
- 300g pumkin, 2 tomatos, a half of a pineapple, cabbage, chilli, garlic.
- 200g bamboo shoots
- Shrimp paste
- Beansprouts
- 1 kg rice noodle

Fish cake
- Put catfish into a large bowl, combine with fish paste and speck, crushed spring onion stems, wheat flour, chicken stock, sugar and eggs. Mixed until well combined.
- Grease a mortar and pestle with some vegetable oil. Transfer the mixture to the mortar and grind by hand till consistent. This helps to create the chewy texture of the fish cake. If you have a stand mixer, use the flat beater (paddle attachment) to mix the paste for 5-10 minutes.
- Place a large piece of plastic on the round dish and make it into round form.
- Put it in hot oil until golden brown and cut into bit size pieces
- Cut one tomato into tiny parts and stir-fry to have red colour
- Pumkin after removed skin is cut into cubes and cook in 20 mins.
- Cut bamboo shoot and tomato, pineapple slices. Put all off us into pot and cook for 20 mins.
- Put a tea spoon red pepper into pot to have rea colour.
- Add fish cake into pot, season to taste with sugar, salt, fish sauce and chicken stock.
- In the serving bowl, pour the soup over rice boodle, Serve with fine shrimp paste, coarsely crushed fresh garlic and chili, fresh greens and beansprouts, and a wedge of lime.

Fish Cake Noodle- Bún Chả Cá in Da Nang is not spicy like one in Qui Nhon, or sweet in Nha Trang. People is interested by this food because its sweat, particular smell, light sour. The secreat of the sauce is make from pumkin, pineapple, tomato…All of them mixed together and make a strange flavour, Da Nang’s flavour.

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