Grilled beef or Cha Bo is in the top of 50 the most delicious food in VietNamese record book. Cha bo is make from 100% of fresh beef and spices which has particular colour and smell. Cha Bo has pink colour not like grilled pork with white one. Moreover its light sweet, strong taste, crispy and tough combined with sour of pickle papaya or carrot. That mixture will creat a strange taste but hard to forget.

Grilled beef is quite expensive than grilled pork, about 280.000 per kg while grilled pork is 180.000 per kg. This price is increased in some festival like Lunnar New Year. In VietNam, we ususlly use it in death aniversary, party, and man use it when drinking sometimes.

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How to make Grilled beef (Cha bo)?


  • 1kg ham of beef, the most delicious meat.
  •  Spices such as: onion, pepper, chilli, sugar, fish sauce.
  • Banana leaves for cover it.


  •  Take the tendon in meat out and over grind with 5 tea spoon oil, onion, pepper, chilli, sugar, fish sauce, garlic.
  •  Wash the banana leaves and boil it quickly to make sure it will not be break when cover the meat.
  • Cover the meat by banana leaves and tie.
  • Boil it in 40-60 mins then take it out. If it is over cooked, it will have holes when sliced. Therefore, it is the most important step.
  • Serve it with pickled papaya and carrot , fish sauce with crushed garlic or chilli

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