The fact that Danang was ranked one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is a pride of every one in Danang in particular and in VietNam in general by Forbes ranking. However, what are the reason for this honour?

Something about Forbes:
Forbes has been well known as an investigative organization which examines from reality and releases lists of concentrating things in the world every year. Some of them are well known by Vietnamese like “top 400 rich people in the world”, “top most expensive houses in the world” or “top resorts in the world”. Thanks to its masterstroke and exactness, Forbes is always considered as one of the best prestigious magazine in the world. The fact that the expense for “top 400 rich people in America” is about 900 million dollars is one typical example.

Criteria of top beaches in the world.
In the summer, people just want to enjoy themselves in the sunshine and windy beaches. However, there are some concerns of tourist like transportation, hotels, beaches and entertainments.


bien dn2


Basing on these concerns, Forbes released list of beaches which is beautiful and satisfies traveler’s concerns. For example:

- Convenient transportations;
- Having long and smooth sandy, enough sunshine for sunbathing and suitable climate for playing sports.
- Safety: having place to evade strong waves, not too much natural disaster
- Having rule to protect fortune and tourists
- Having enough necessary things to for tourist stay comfortably in a long time
- Having original and diversified foods with reasonable price.
- Enough facilities for rent to live independent and separate from hotels or guess houses.
- Having many interesting tourism attractions like walking through the bush, mysterious caves
During studying process, Forbes also get comments from thousands of tourist who have gone to different beaches in the world. That is the reason why there studies are highly appreciate.

bien dn3


bien hoi an

Danang responds all these criterions:
Danang has responded all most of Forbes’s criterions and also worldwide tourist’s requirements. It can be say that the beautiful criterions of Forbes is more attractive than the normally appearance of beaches.
Besides, there are other reason for Da Nang ranked on this top is that there are many laws and rules to promote tourism; eliminating evils and begging; well prepare in welcoming tourists and responding criterions of 5 star resorts like Furama Resort or Intercontinental resort.
To develop sea travel, Danang is going to focusing on highly attractive tourism destinations along the beach, Sontra Peninsula, Northern Haivan mountain pass, especially many resort with diversified types of entertainment.
Danang, which beauty as well as friendliness of people in here has attracted many tourist, has become one of regularly destination of tourists not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world.

Beautiful beaches in Danang:

You can’t talk about Danang without talking about the Beautiful Han River and the charming beach enclosing the city which cannot be found in other sea cities.
Danang is luckily located in 3 world cultural heritages: Hue Ancient Capital, Hoian Ancient Town and My Son Holy Land which make Danang become a center of this area to receive and serve tourist. Danang along also has the special beauty which make tourist will never forget when coming.
The Danang Sea is also an infinite source of inspiration which this city luckily owns. Beside beautiful beaches, Danang is also an attractive pork city in Vietnam.
The coastal of Danang is about 30 kilometers and famous for many seaside resorts along from the North to the South of Danang which is a great place to travel and relax in this area.bienpvd
Danang Sea has a low amplitude of sea waves, clean and green all year round water. The salinity of Danang is about 60%. Some areas in Danang Sea also have coral and diversified marine species. Especially, almost beaches in Danang are near the city center and easy to getting there and getting around by different means of transportation. The sea water is quite warm and low amplitude of waves so that tourists can bathe in the sea all year round. There are many restaurants, hotels, resorts and entertainment centers along the coastal which satisfied many tourists coming there.
Rescue Teams work from 5am to 8pm every day to guarantee every one‘s safety.

How Danang beach was honoured by Forbes?

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