Nem lụi

Nem lụi or lemongrass skewers is known as one of the top choice when you travel to Da Nang and want to be local genuine foodies. It becomes more irresistible when the incredibly delicious grilled pork and dipping sauce pervade streets and tempt any hungry stomach. People may see its shape like a chicken thigh.

Trying Nem lụi when they are still hot maybe most delicious, so it is normally served in the afternoon or evening rather than in the morning. The dish is the harmonious combination of various flavors: aroma of browning meats, slight spicy of peppers and chillies, the sweetness of viscous sauce and fresh vegetables.

nem lụi

Recipe for the dish

1. Mix the beef, minced pork, pork skin, pork fat, garlic, shallots, sugar, pepper and fish sauce.
2. Knead for 5 minutes until all ingredients have combined well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour to over night for the flavours to marinate the pork.
3. Divide the nem lui mixture into 12 portions. Firmly roll each portion into a sausage shape around each lemongrass stick and brush with a little oil.
4. Heat a barbecue grill or char-grill pan and cook the Nem Lui skewers for 6 minutes, turning every few minutes, until cooked and slightly charred.

nem lụi

Recipe for the dipping sauce

1. Finely chop the shallot and garlic so they almost make a paste.
2. Roughly crush the peanuts so they are broken into small pieces, some larger than others. In a frying pan add the oil and fry shallots garlic and peanuts on a medium heat.
3. When the shallots and garlic starts to turn brown add the peanuts, pork stock and water before cooking for 15 minutes for the peanuts to soften.
4. Then add the rest of the ingredients and gently simmer for a further 20 minutes until the liquid reduces by half.

Banh trang kep

Proceesing Banh trang kep is not too picky , but that so many teens are addicted to . There are many types of cake , all are baked both dry or wet , with all typical ingredients like pate , eggs , squid , dried beef , … In particular , the most delicious cake that is banh trang kep with pate inside .
Da Nang is no short of street food vendors, but this is one you should definitely seek out for a genuine Vietnamese snack.

bánh kẹp
Rice paper is quite soft, not too thick, so it is very easy to roll liver pate mixture spiced with onions cooked in advance and quail eggs and then bake cleverly to have a wonderful fragrance.
Banh trang kep served with viscous sauce had the chilli in but is not too spicy.

Da Nang is heaven of street food, please come and enjoy. Let’s join Da Nang Street Food Tour to discover more!

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