Quang Noodle Da Nang is must eat food. Quang noodle soups differ than most normal noodle soups in that the soups have just enough broth to barely cover the noodles. What makes Quang noodle soups unique is the richness of the broth, the lack of it and the crushed peanut toppings on the noodles.

Quang noodle originated from Quang Nam province. This dish is made with rice noodle and variety of herb, lettuce and the flower of bananas. There are many Quang noodle restaurants in Quang Nam and Da Nang. Each area is famous for one certain recipe. For example, Thanh Chiem Village in Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province is known for shrimp noodle, while chicken noodle is at its best in Tuy Loan, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.
The people living in central Viet Nam put Quang noodle into a big bowl, peanut and Vietnamese crackers are sprinkled after pouring broth. Above all, the chief have to make sure that the broth is strongly flavor and only a small of it is used to wet the noodle. To be honest, Quang noodle is essence of Da Nang owing to that local people take advantage of available material and put their emotion into this dish.

What makes Quang Noodle Da Nang so special?

A bowl of Mi Quang contains a rich layer of vegetables at the bottom, followed by noodles and a fair amount of broth. Unlike many other Vietnamese noodle soup bowls which are usually covered completely by their broths, Mi Quang broth is added just enough to barely soak the noodles. Last but not least, Mi Quang cannot go without the toppings of crushed roasted peanuts, rice crackers, herbs, lemons, and chilli.
What make Quang Noodle become so special is the fresh ingredients. These include backyard chickens, Buon Ma Thuot City’s pepper, peanut oil from rural areas, Phan Thiet fish sauce, rice paper from Quang Nam Province’s Dai Loc District, noodles made with rice from rural areas, and fresh vegetables.

Where to try Quang Noodle Da Nang

Hai Phong – Add: 05 Hai Phong st.
Tel: 0511.3827936
Mrs Ngan – Add: 108 Dong Da st.
Tel: 0511.3537007

Mrs Lu – Add: 126 Ham Nghi st.
Tel: 0511.3652024

Mrs Vi – Add: 155 Trung Nu Vuong st
Tel: 0511.3552781

How to cook Quang Noodle Da Nang

Check Da Nang cuisine page for local receipt

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