Quang noodle soup with chicken is different from other normal noodle soups that the soups have just enough broth to barely cover the noodles. What makes Quang noodle soup with chicken unique is the richness of the broth, the lack of it,the crushed peanut toppings on the noodles and the firm of free-range chicken. We will learn how to make it with this recipe :

How to cook Quang noodle soup with chicken

For 4-5 servings

Half a chicken (local running chicken) (~500gr)
Peanut oil
Củ nén (Alternative: garlic)
Spices: fish sauce, salt, chicken stock, pepper, sugar, chilli sauce
Herbs and greens: lettuce, banana blossom, mint leaves, radish leaves, sawtooth coriander, …
Toppings: coriander, spring onion, roasted peanut, grilled rice cracker, lemon, green chilli


Chop chicken into small pieces, marinade with 1tsp of fish sauce, chicken stock, sugar and pepper. Cover and leave in fridge for several hours or overnight.
- Wash, peel and smash turmeric and củ nén in different bowls respectively
- Wash, cut and mix all herbs and veggies. Leave to dry.

- In a medium pot #1, turn on medium heat. Add in peanut oil. Should use raw peanut oil to make mi Quang rich and fragrant. If so, wait until peanut oil becomes very hot (~2mins), or else it will have a bad smell afterwards.
Add in smashed củ nén and fry until it turns golden. Then add in smashed turmeric and 1tsp fish sauce and mix them for about 1 min.
Add in marinated chicken, mix and leave it for 10 mins. Then add in water to approx. the level of chicken.
Cover the lid, turn to low heat and leave it there for 20 mins. After 20 mins we have soft chicken and mildly sweet chicken broth.

- In pot #2, heat up peanut oil like we did in pot #1. Transfer chicken from pot #1 to pot #2. Add in some fish sauce, chicken stock, salt, sugar and chilli sauce depending on your taste. Also add in 1/4 cup chicken broth from pot #1, cover lid and simmer for 10 mins.

- Pour 200ml of water to pot #1, add in 1 chopped onion and season (fish sauce, chicken stock, salt) depending on your taste. Note that mi Quang broth must be more salty than normal broth because we’ll just use it to barely soak noodles.

Assemble: In a serving bowl, add a rich layer of herbs and vegetables, noodles, several bits of chicken, 1-2 big spoons of broth (just enough to barely soak the noodles). Topped with chopped spring onions and coriander, crushed roasted peanuts, lemon, green chilli, rice cracker.  Mix well all ingredients and enjoy our Quang noodle soup with chicken !

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