The Han River Bridge is the symbol as well as the pride of Danang people. People think of Marble Mountains and the Han River swing Bridge whenever they refer to Danang.
The Han River Bridge is one of bridges crossing the Han River in Da Nang, Central Vietnam. Bridge was commenced on September 2nd, 1998 and inaugurated on March 29th, 2000. This is the first swing bridge designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers and is the only swing bridge in Vietnam up till now.
The bridge is between People’s Committee and Post Office of Da Nang City which are at the head of Quang Trung Street. It crosses the Han River and connects the two banks of the East and the West, Son Tra peninsula and city center.

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The Han River Swing Bridge is 487.7 meters long, 12.9 meters wide, consists of 11 spans. Each span is 33 meters long with reinforced concrete structures and two cable-stayed spans which are 122.7 meters in length, steely structural beams and main bridge tower, concrete reinforcement slab.
The bridge will swing once during 2h45 – 4h00, with operating time of about 15-20 minutes. If you visit Danang around this time, you will be interested in watching the Han River Bridge turning. However, the bridge only swings on-demand operation of Danang port authorities to save money because there are not abundant numbers of vessels passing through frequently. Therefore, if you want to watch the scene of swinging bridge, you should be persistent and have good luck. Some travelers say that traveling to the Danang city without watching swinging bridge and taking some photos for this moment means that you have not visited Danang city yet. Therefore, you should record the exciting moments of this bridge when visiting.

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Life is bustling in the two banks of the Han River both day and night with many new services ready to meet the needs of modern traveler. Currently, traveling by boat on the Han River is a popular recreational service.
The city has added several new bridges crossing the Han River. However, there will not be many bridges does create emotion for the city people as what brought by the Han River Bridge. To explore the swing bridge with more interesting feeling, you should find hotels which are near the Han River like White Snow Hotel for ease of understanding and watch the Han River Swing Bridge.

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