Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids - Traveling with kids sometimes makes you tired but sometimes may bring you fun. The key to have fun with kids on your trips is just being prepared. Preparation with the knowledge about destinations, accommodation, activities, food,…will make your trip with kids much easier. If you are looking for a great place to have fun things to do and to see with your kids, Da Nang is a nice choice. Below is top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids that may help you have better time enjoying this city.

One more thing, don’t forget to have a look at Tips when traveling with kids at the bottom of this writing ;)

1. My Khe Beach - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

If this is your first time to Da Nang, you will be amazed by the beauty of the beaches here. Da Nang beaches stretches from the foot of Hai Van pass to Hoi An which is known under a mistaken name “China Beach”. Da Nang beaches is divided into many parts including My Khe, Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, Tien Sa, Bac My An, Non Nuoc. Among those, My Khe beach is recognized as the most crowded and attractive beach in Da Nang. It is a 9 km long beach with smooth white sand and a slight slope with large space which is very suitable for many activities on the beach with your kids: swimming, strolling, sunbathing, building sand castles,…or just sitting by the shore contemplating the sunrise or sunset. Such a beautiful life!

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

2. Linh Ung Pagoda - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

Situated on Son Tra peninsula with the huge statue of the Lady Buddha, Linh Ung pagoda is not just the place for Buddhist believers, it is also an interesting place for tourists around the world who love to admire Vietnam’s pagoda architecture beauty and culture. There are 3 Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang: one on Ba Na Hills, one on the Marble Mountains and the rest one, also the biggest one is this one which is on Son Tra peninsula. Coming to visit Linh Ung pagoda, you can see both traditional and modern architecture of Vietnam’s pagodas. With a 67 – meter high statue of Lady Buddha, Linh Ung pagoda is now one of Da Nang’s most-visited attractions. There is a huge yard in front of the pagoda where your kids can feel free to run around and have fun while you are contemplating the pagoda’s beauty.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

3. Marble Mountains - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

Once you come to visit Da Nang, Marble Mountains is a must which you shouldn’t miss. The “mountains” are actually a series of five marble and limestone hills with the following names: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood. There are plenty of caves and grottos, with some made into pagodas and shrines on the Metal Mountain which is the only one you can visit. With a 15,000 VND ticket/person, your children can freely discover around. Stepping up the mountain is a great way for them to do some exercises as well. Otherwise, you can use the elevator on the right of the Mountain which costs 15,000 VND/ticket.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

4. Ba Na Hills - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

About 42 km west of Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a stunning mountain resort at an altitude of 1487 meters. Found in the 1920s by the French colonists, Ba Na hills now is a tourist attraction in Da Nang city. The weather here is comfortably cool all year around. With its highest and longest (over 5 km long) cable car in the world, Ba Na offers you fantastic views of the surrounding area as well as spectacular view overlooking Da Nang’s Bay and the Lao mountain range.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

With a replica European castle, and a spectacular underground amusement park carved into the mountain featuring many types of rides, Ba Na is perfect place for families. Also nearby is the Linh Ung Pagoda with a 27 – meter tall white Buddha statue overlooking the clouds and mist of Ba Na Hills, visible for miles around. Your children will have a lot of fun playing around in the Fantasy Park with a variety of video games, a carnival of rides and activities ranging from air hockey to rock climbing and a wax showroom. This is the perfect playground for your children.

5. Hoi An Ancient Town - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

Just 30 km south of Da Nang, Hoi An is a beautiful ancient city located on the bank of the Thu Bon river.

What you can expect at this ancient city are nice architecture of the old town with a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and French style; plenty of places for shopping; colorful lanterns hung up everywhere; amazing authentic food;…All are just so great to have a day out with your children. Make sure that you will stay there until night since Hoi An is at its best at night when all the colorful lanterns are hung up and the city is deep in romantic atmosphere. Take your children to play some games in the old town which can bring them more fun like Blindfolded hit the pot or Bai choi – Hoi An bingo game. It’s easy to find them in the ancient town.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

6. Dragon Bridge - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

Opened on March 29, 2013, the Dragon Bridge now is among top 7 things to do and to see in Da Nang. It is a bridge over the Han river in Da Nang with nice design of a huge yellow dragon which heads to the sea. This is the largest steel dragon in the world at present. What is special about this bridge is that its head can breathe fire and spout water at weekends at 9 p.m which is a must watch. There is also a Love Bridge which is quite new (open in May 2015) nearby, also a nice place to contemplate the beauty of the Dragon Bridge or the “Carp transforming into Dragon” Statue next to it. Your family sure will have a great time there.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

7. Da Nang Foodie Tour - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

Even if you are not foodies, Da Nang Foodie Tour is something you shouldn’t miss when being in Da Nang. This is a fun filled experience which you not only try delicious food but also have fun riding on a motor scooter through the streets of Da Nang with young, friendly, interesting and funny local guides. There is no rush, just food, fun, and unforgettable memories left. All the guides love children and they know how to deal with even some naughty ones. Just have a look at their fan page on facebook Da Nang Foodie Tour to see how they have fun together then book a tour here Da Nang Food Tour by motorbike and enjoy your trip ;)

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids


8. Da Nang Home Cooking Class - Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids

What else to do in Da Nang? Why don’t you join a home cooking class to learn how to cook some Vietnamese dishes? A home cooking class will be a lot of fun for your kids if they love activities: touring a local market, visiting organic vegetable garden, enjoying great Vietnamese coffee, joining a fun cooking session. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into locals’ life. You will cook at a local’s house and get to know more about local culture and lifestyle. See this cooking class here.

Top 8 activities in Da Nang with kids, Da Nang Home Cooking Class

Tips when traveling with kids:

- Arrive early, especially for your flights
- Book ahead
- Pack your patience and sense of humor
- Don’t forget your children toys
- Bring any kinds of books your children like.
- Give them a camera
- Don’t forget the medicine
- Keep the activities coming
- Remember to bring baby wipes

Happy travel! ;)

Da Nang is a nice city that you should stay here at least for 3 days. 3 days or even more and what to do? There are a lot of things for you to discover in Da Nang, check it out at Best 24 things to do in Da Nang

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