The trend of eating vegetarian food becomes more and more popular in the world because of not onlyreligion, hobbies, love to animal but also health. In modern life, people are faced with diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart, digestive system…, vegetarian diet then becomes an essential demand.It is good for health because of using a variety of vegetables which contains less fat and cholesterol. Moreover,it is also the best way to regain balance, bring inner peace and relaxation in mind. Coming to Da Nang, Vietnam, you may wonder what to eat and where to eat good vegetarian food. The following is a list of top 5 vegetarian food in Da Nang where a vegetarian can somewhat integrate one’s self into the wonderful culture and atmosphere that is Vietnamese food.

Top 5 Vegetarian food in danang

Quang noodle (MiQuang)

Quang  noodle is one of specialities of Quang Nam province. It is made from rice flour in white color or yellow color. The yellow one has its color from turmeric. There are various kinds of Quang noodle: noodle with beef, noodle with pork and shrimp, noodle with chicken or noodle with snakehead fish. Quang noodle is eaten with just a little broth. When eating, you add fresh vegetables and lime juice in. With vegetarian version, Quang noodle is mixed with fried tofu, mushroom, taro, carrot, seitan,peanut, some other ingredients and eat with vegetables as well. The noodle also just has a little broth like the normal one. The taste is as good as or even better than the normal one.


Quang noodle served with herbs, rice cracker, tofu and seitan


Most of food stalls and restaurants for veggies in Da Nang sell Quang Noodle. These local restaurants offer best Quang Noodle in town
Add: Lien Hoa restaurant, 49 Le Hong Phong St.
Hy Lac shop, 378 PhanChau Trinh St.
Price: 15,000 VND-20,000 VND/bowl

Cao Lau

Cao lau is the unique dish that only can be found in Hoi An. People in Da Nang have to take it from Hoi An of course. To make Cao lau, people have to take water from Ba Le well-an ancient well made by Cham people thousands years ago. The rice to make caolau must be dip into ash water (the ash taken from a special plant grown onCham island). That is the reason why caolau has unique color and a little bit chewy. Pork in the normal Cao lau will be replaced by fried tofu andseitan. On the top of caolau is fried caolau which has square shape. Cao lau is enjoyed with a little sauce, beansprouts and fresh veggies and lime juice.


2. Cao lau topped with fried square cao lau, chilies, veggie

Where to try Cao Lau at Da Nang city?

Thuy restaurant, 122 Hoang Dieu St.
Ngoc Chi shop, 60 Thai Phien
Price: 15,000 VND-20,000VND/bowl


Vietnam’s most famous dish is Pho and it would be a real shame to come to Vietnam without trying it, so make the effort to getPho Chay with no meat broth

Nowadays, there are many versions of pho from the north to the south. Traditionally, pho is served with either beef or chicken with lots of broth and some herbs. Pho for vegetarians replace beef or chicken by fried tofu, seitan, mushrooms, vegetarian “cha, maybe even some broccoli, carrots, or bokchoy. Most of the restaurant put a big plate of Thai basil, beansprouts and lime wedges in front of you to add into pho. All makes the pho so amazing!

3. A bowl of vegetarian Pho


Where to try Pho Chay in Da Nang?

Au Lac shop, 46 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
Lien Hoa shop, 49 Le Hong Phong
Hy Lac shop, 378 PhanChau Trinh St.
Nga shop, 296 Dong Da St.
Price: 20,000VND – 33,000VND/bowl

Water fern cake (Banh beo)


After being dipped into water for hours, rice is ground into rice flour then poured into small bowls and steamed. With veggie version, on the top is minced carrot, taro, mushroom, tofu and leek. The cake is served with soy sauce and chilies. The taste is wonderful.


4. A plate of banh beo


DuyenLanh shop, 351 HaiPhong

296 Dong Da St.
Price: 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND/dish

Cơm Chay Bình Dân: Vietnam’s smorgasbord


There are lots of small restaurant and shops in Da Nang selling rice with vegetarian food for veggies. The food to combine with rice is various. “CơmBìnhDân” stalls are cheap lunchtime spots with a glass display cases of several types of food (usually gone cold after sitting there for a while) served with rice.They can be fried tofu, stir-fried French beans, bokchoy, beansprouts, young bamboo shoots, seitan, etc. The dishes there are always charming, eye-catching and full of taste.
You’ll always be guaranteed a vegetable side dish of some description at these places, and cabbage pickles, and sometimes a tofu or egg dish. Just check the tofu isn’t hiding little parcels of pork. Sneaky buggers.The food is always displayed out the front, like in a food court display

Handy hint for important veggie vocabulary:

Vegetarian in Vietnamese language is “ănchay” If you can’t pronounce it, then write it on a piece of paper and flash it around with wild abandon.
Another important piece of veggie vocab is “xìdầu” which is “soy sauce”, which you can ask for as an alternative to the ubiquitous fish dipping sauce. Many places don’t have it though, so if you’re super dedicated you could always carry in your bag a few of those little plastic soy sauce fish you get with sushi.


5. Rice served with variety of dishes


Add: Au Lac shop, 46 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

Hy Lac shop, 378 PhanChau Trinh St.

Thuy restaurant, 122 Hoang Dieu St.

Ngoc Chi shop, 60 Thai Phien

Lien Hoa shop, 49 Le Hong Phong St.

Prices range from 15,000 VND to 30,000VND/dish

Besides, Da Nang also has breads for veggies, vegetarian hot pot, vegetarian stir-fried vermicellies,…Therefore, many shops and restaurants in Da nang have met the diverse needs of vegetarians

For more veggie places in Hanoi, check out the Happy Cow Hanoi page.

More vegetarian in Hoi An at Hoi An Food Tour


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