Banh canh gio heo is a popular dish in the center and south of Viet Nam with easy-finded ingredient like: pork hock, rice flour or wheat flour. All of thesr material are available at the market; as you know, nowadays, almost of all village has their own market for changing products. After simple process and spice, they have a beautiful , delicious dish for the middle morning meal or the afternoon snack. Nowadays, it is not only a famous street food but also the local speciality.


Ingredients: 4 bowls
• Thick noodle – banh canh: 300g
• Pork bones: 200g
• Pork hock: 200g
• straw mushroom : 50g
• Onion: 1
• Coriander, spring onion, fried onion, garlic, fish sauce, spices.
• Wash all bones and hock with salt and wash again with water
• Use something to tie separate bone and hock and add into pot and put into 2 litters of hot water , put the lid on and cook in 15 mins. Sometime, you should take the balloon out.
• Cut the straw mushroom root and wash and drain it
• Crush garlic, cut onion into thin slice, segmented spring onion
• Srir-fry mushroom with garlic then add into the pot
• Take hock out.
• Taste with pepper, salt, sugar candy, seasoning powder
• Put banh canh into hot water until see its translucent then take out and sprinkle with cool water. Set aside.
• Put banh canh into bowl, add hock and sauce, fried onion, spring onion and pepper.

Useful Tips to make Banh Canh Gio Heo

Although it is easy to make Banh Canh Gio heo, it requires skills. Rice flour should be tough and sweet naturally. Moreover, peole have to focus on making slice of flour, not to wet or dry. Pork hock is fresh, big and firm meat. In Vietnamese point of view, pork hock is very good for women in breast-feeding period because it helps the body creat more mother milk for their baby.
This dish is usually serve with quick boil sprout, please make sure it is still crispy,water dropwort, coriander , lemon juice, fresh chilli and segmented spring onion. It is more delicious to enjoy hot one, so you can smell all the special by smoke from the bowl. You eat with spicy of chilli, hot of sauce and sweat from your body. This is the real style of Banh Canh Gio heo.

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