For 2 or 3 days at weekend, backpacking Da Nang is the choice of so many people who love travelling. However, some of you may not know about Lang Co- a beautiful bay which is about 30km from Da Nang. Lang Co is located in the place between the end of Truong son mountain range and Hai Van pass. The blue sapphires water, white sandy beach and peaceful atmosphere will make you want to stay here forever. I am sure that Lang Co will give you a wonderful experiences. In this passage, I will give you some tips for your Weekend-Backpacking Da Nang and Lang Co Bay.

lăng cô
The most beautiful time of this bay is from April to July. In another month, the are too cold to swim. Therefore, summer is the best time to go to Lang Co.

Traffic Transportations:
Depend on money and times, you can choose car, train or air plane to go to Da Nang. From there, you can choose numerous kind of transportation means, but motorbike is the best choices.
In Da Nang, there are so many motorbike renting services, the price is normally about 150.000/motorbike/day.
Before starting, don’t forget to bring hat, cover T-shirt and sun-glasses.

lăng cô2

Places To Go:
1, Conquer Hai Van Pass:
Hai Van Pass, whose length is 21 km, is one of the most dangerous pass in Viet Nam. From the top,you can see the whole part of this wonderful mountain. At the end of pass, you will see numerous water pipe which shoot the water to the air ( 7-8 m high), you can use this water to wash your motorbike or clean your hand without paying anything except saying thank you.
hai va32, Lang Co Beach:
Lang Co bay is one of the most beautiful bays all over the world. The white sandy beach get along with the mountain have made a great picture about nature.
By asking the local people, you can easily find out the way to go to the beach for playing and taking some picture.
Left the beach behind, we go to Lap An pond where have completely great view. The water is so clean that you can even see fish swim in the bottom of pond. The amount of oyster is big make this animal become very special food in Lang Co.
3, Visit Bach Ma International Park:
About 30km from Lang Co, Bach Ma is really famous with the cool atmosphere. The temperature is always from 40C to 260 C. Travel to Bach Ma, you can walk around to visit Ngu Ho fall, Do Quyen fall, conquer top of Bach Ma or go to See Watching Tower to see the whole view of Chan May bay and Cau Hai Pond.

bạch mã
4, Visit Lap An pond:
Drive motorbike in the road which next to the mountain will be very poetic. The bottom without mud help you be able to go very far from the bank of the pond. The market sells some souvenir gift that you can buy for you friends.
lập an
5, what to eat:
Prickle snail will be one of the greatest foods you have ever eaten in your life. In the street next to the Hai Van tunnel’s gate, Phi Anh restaurant will give you a chance to taste so many kinds of cheap, fresh and delicious seafood. Oyster is really famous with the price is cheaper than the one in Ha noi and Sai Gon.
Be Den restaurant is also a suitable choice. Because this is the biggest and cleanest one in Lang co, so they have a lot of kind of seafood. However, the price is very cheap in compare with another restaurant.

ốc gai lăng cô

6, Place to take a rest:
Guest house with normal price is: Chi Na, Cong Doan, Yen Hoang Anh( Price: 120-150.000 VND/Day)
More deluxe, you can choose some resot such as Lang Co, Lang Co Beach…

7, Back to Da Nang:
On the way to go back to Da Nang, you can stop in the Hai Van pass to look at to Phong village, where will be a very great resort of Da Nang in the future. If you have time, you can live in Da Nang one more night and go to Ba Na hill in the next days.


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