In Viet Nam, winged yam soup is a familiar food. There are two kinds of winged yam soup, one has purple bowel and the other has white bowl. The purple one is much more preferred because it is more delicious and attractive. Although this dish is rustic, it is comfortable to eat, good for your health.

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  • 200g winged yam
  • 150g fresh shrimp
  • Oinon, coriander,
  • Fish sauce, sugar.

Process :

1. First of all, remove all shripms’s shells, and then place on chopping board and slightly move them. After that, marinate shrimp, chopped with fish sauce and sugar.

2. Remove the peel of winged yam and then cut into square pieces. Clean those pieces in diluted salt water.

3. Next, using a large knife to strike the winged yam. Doing so would make the soup viscid, but still not so thick.

4. Frying shrimp, add some spices and then pour water into the pot. Cook until the water boiled and add winged yam.

5. When the winged yam is done, add some onion and coriander, which have been cut into small pieces and wait until the soup is boiling again.

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